Social management tools help you to achieve your social marketing goals. You can manage several social media accounts in one place, run contests,schedule posts track analytics across several platforms and so on.using these tools. Here we are listing the top 8 free social management tools for your ease.


With Hootsuite free plan,

  • You can handle maximum 3 social media accounts in one place,
  • Schedule maximum 30 posts ahead in time,
  • Create leads with social contests
  • Track basic analytics such as followers and statistics on different growth and content
  • Integrate two RSS feed.


Most of the features of Buffer are similar to Hootsuite. But in Buffer, you can easily schedule posts while browsing the internet with its Chrome extensions. Apart from that, It suggests which moment is perfect for posting new content based on the followers’ activities.

You can have below capabilities with Buffer’s free plan.

  • Manage maximum 3 social media accounts. Schedule a maximum of 10 posts.
  • Use its browser extensions
  • Use the feature of its mobile app
  • Use image creator and GIF/video uploader to create new posts.
  • Shorten and track links.


TweetDeck is one of best Social Media Management Tool. If your social media strategy is mainly based on Twitter then TweetDeck is the best option for you. It is a free tool for all Twitter users. You can

  • Manage several Twitter accounts
  • Use custom timelines
  • Create and handle Twitter lists and searches
  • Add team accounts.


SocialOomph offers many features for many platforms. Apart from typical features like analytics and scheduling, it consists of several interesting features like below.Ability to clear Twitter direct message inbox. This is very helpful when your followers are increasing.
Ability to handle and schedule blog posts.

Though SocialOomph has a free plan, it consists of only a few features and they are mainly focused on Twitter management. Some of them are

  • Scheduling tweets
  • Tracking keywords
  • Shortening URLs
  • Ability to manage a maximum of five Twitter accounts

To get more complicated features, you have to pay. If you are willing to manage several social platforms except for Twitter, you have to get a paid plan.


Friends+Me mostly lean towards Google Plus management. But other social platforms are also supported. There is a free plan for beginners. Apart from that, you can choose paid plans according to the size and growth of your company.

Though the free plan does not consist of many features, you can have below features with it.

  • Allowing for two queues
  • Ability to schedule a maximum of five posts for one queue at one time
  • Shortening links.
  • Browser extensions
  • Integration with Zapier
  • Standard support
  • Support for multi-platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

To get support for Instagram and Pinterest platforms, you have to upgrade your free plan to a paid one. You can have monthly or annual billing options according to your desire.


Followerwonk has changed the traditional mode of scheduling posts. But you can understand your audience at a broader level. It lets you analyze Twitter bios and compare many different other Twitter accounts to discover the most suitable influencers. You can systematically study your current followers using different criteria such as bio, location, other accounts they follow and much more with Followerwonk. Further, you can contrast the connection with competitors. You will create better content for social media by comparing your activities with gains and losses of followers.

It is useless to have more followers if they don’t engage with your brand. So this tool is really helpful in this scenario.

Though free plan offers only limited features, you can able to do below functionalities using it.

  • Connecting one profile
  • Viewing authority rankings
  • Seeing followers and their locations
  • Checking when followers are online
  • Accessing a few other information to analyze the social audience in advanced level

If you want more functionalities you have to buy a paid plan.


Zoho Social


Apart from the common features mentioned in other management tools, Zoho Social has the below features also.

  • Facebook lead ads
  • Advanced reporting features
  • A SocialShare browser plugin
  • CRM integrations
  • If you go for the paid plan, then there are two options for you to select. They are an agency or a business plan. The free plan offers you to
  • Handle one brand
  • Shorten links

SocialShare browser plugin With Zoho Social, you can easily manage several social media profiles research relevant keywords,
Work with other team members. Schedule posts from one place to multiple platforms

Now you are in trouble to choose the best social management tool that best fit for your needs. Because there are a lot of options for you to select. As a solution for this, you can experiment with the free plan of each tool and then select the best option that best suits your social strategy. Selecting the best social management tool for your needs will save your time, enhance your social presence as well as help you to make some additional money than earlier.