Someone has to come in front and stop this stupidity. This has become a trend of smart speakers look like trash cans.

CES and LG stated that there is a upcoming speaker called thinQ smart speaker with a Google Assistant built in. I have not seen it anywhere, and even doesn’t know the whether it is big or small. Anyways I can’t keep it on top because the designers were poor to create it with a creative shape and a size. Now it’s the time for this trash can speakers to change their figure

Few years before a model was designed to play music , inform you about the weather , control your smart devices while, it orders you pizza. Now these types are in the market so you can buy those. Now people expect wait to have a speaker which support Alexa, Google Assistant or Crotona. There is a good speaker called Amazon’s Echo it’s much more better than a trash can.

Here are some great speakers that look like trash cans,

  • Amazon Echo 2
  • Amazon Echo Plus
  • Sonos one
  • 808  Alexa  Bluetooth  speaker
  • Sony LF-S50G
  • Apple Home pod
  • LG thinQ

And many more. So you can try out a best speaker with its best sounds. Last years the tech companies have started making speakers such like trash cans. The best speaker that became the turning point was google homemax. It was big it had a good bass.

So now I plead the gods the Samsung’s new version not to be like a garbage bin. They can create some other shape than being like garbage. The companies’ just tryout with some other design not as trash cans, the speakers look like trash cans are just same as garbage.