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Working voltage: 5V USB power supply

Signal access mode: 3.5 audio line input audio signal

Installation method: DIY welding assembly

Dimensions: Length: 108mm Height: 70mm Thickness: 16mm

Weight: 130g (including case) ,67g (without case)

1. Shipment of diy spare parts, with installation instructions and circuit diagrams, you need to weld by yourself, you must have welding experience of patch components; 2. It is equipped with one-two interface, which is convenient for connecting spectrum and power amplifier at the same time. It needs to be powered by USB (5V) when using, and the audio cable can be connected to the mobile phone or computer; 3, self-contained amplifier, the power amplifier part is independent, if you do not need spectrum sound, you can not solder; 4, the installation sequence: first solder the patch LED, and then solder the components on the back;