You all might know about Facebook. Facebook is a famous social network site used by people all around the world. Mark Zuckerberg been one of the world richest man is the co- founder of Facebook, and currently operating as its chairman and chief executive officer.

As you might know any social network site tries to improve or add new things to their site in order to be ahead of the other social network site, or to increase satisfaction of customers in order to increase the number of people using the social network site. Friday was a important day due to the CEO Facebook took $3 billion hit to his net, resulting in dipping of the company’s stock and changes in the company’s News Feed.

As we all know for an action there is an equal and positive reaction, so likewise before decision was taken Facebook warned the about the changes they were going to make but and due to the changes it was proven that it was a wrong decision made by Mark Zuckerberg and due to this decision Facebook stock declined about 4 percent. So the reason for the decline was because these changes is a boost to visible the posts by friends and family, which would mean less time spent on Facebook, would mean less ads, which means less ads, so as mentioned before an action has an equal opposite reaction.

As mentioned before due to this decision stock was declined by 4 percent, and this decline was recorded as the sharpest for Facebook for its time, but if you happen to be a Facebook shareholder don’t let it dip you.

But looking at the past of the Facebook we can see an amazing role played Mark Zuckerberg in order to develop Facebook, and he is one of the worlds admired CEO. So as you all know when companies, social network sites, or any other starts developing and earn money as we all know competition will be built, and also there may be rumors or any other sort of activity done in order to put you down.  Russians once pumped propaganda and misleading news and stories through its system. Company has taken some action too against.


So as mentioned before due to the decision made their stock were declined by 4 percent but Investors shocked about that the Facebook company still remains as one of the most valuable public companies in the U.S and Mark Zuckerberg being one of the richest man in the world further trying to develop his company.