In the present time, many people are against Apple and they sue. Many law experts believe that if the company ends with the trial, it will arrive with the best.

It is useful to learn about the history of this to examine this. Apple provides a rumor on Dec. 20 that they have slow down iPhones to protect them from unexpected shutdowns.

Two days later, lawsuits were gathered in California and Illinois after that civil and criminal charges more gathered all over from Israel, Europe, Asia, New York, California and Texas company faces over 9to5Mac company some of the lawsuits tell that the company has cheated them. And other law suits reports that the old phones users have economically lost and the problem is that Apple is trying to provide new phones instead of replacing a new battery which will long last. The company has apologized, but there seems to be no end. Civil and commercial lawyers are been asked what is the status of Apple now? They say that “Another day, Another Apple lawsuit”

The Apple is been asked 2 great questions one of those are whether Apple intentionally sold products with bad quality and the other was whether they cheated their customers. For both questions the reply was yes, it was apple’s intent.

Honston Commercial litigator Phil Griff says that Apple has decided to release software updates which will change the phones power usage patterns. So we are still unable to know any fact about their decision.

When the apple arrives to the court there is a hard job for plaintiffs to do, it to prove some facts like many customers bought new phones as the slowed speed. It is very hard to prove and this made people replace their devices, now that is a feature of Apple.

They also have to prove that the customers have decided to replace batteries except buying a new iPhone. It is unsure whether the new batteries will work properly.

The battery replacement is not easy on iPhones but it is not sure whether it will hold up the charge. Plaintiffs also need to prove that the slowdown feature is included to iPhones without informing customers. Mudd a member of International Technology law association says that this case is weak as it has not forced customers to have their latest update which contains their terms and conditions. At last Plaintiffs must show that the Apple knowingly made iPhones useless.

The latest updates slow down the phone but prevent unexpected shutdowns. Though the apple wins in the court it will be hard for them to get off scot-free. Apple has long benefitted from its image in many ways. Apple’s CEO, Tim cook, speaks about social effects. Now the Apple tries to get closer to the people and be friendly by preparing new retail stores as ‘Town Squares’, workshops and meeting rooms to connect with the local business. Kelton says that Apple secretly increased their sales amount by letting people who used iPhones to buy a new one without repairing it, so he shows this as a substantial effect. Other companies should not get scared if they are perfect and honest.