Hi, Happy new year!

let’s talk about last year’s most important phones


1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung had much to demonstrate after a year ago’s Galaxy Note 7 unfortunately burst into flares. Essentially a cross between the Note 7 and Galaxy S8 Plus, the Galaxy Note 8 didn’t reform much. What it did was give 2016 Note purchasers the phone they generally ought to have had.

Smooth, with those in vogue thin bezels and huge screen-to-body ratio, a gifted S Pen stylus, waterproofing and remote charging, this Note is by and by the everything except for the-kitchen-sink of Android phones.

The first handset to offer with Qualcomm’s then-new 835 chipset (the organization reported Snapdragon 845 not long ago), the Note 8 additionally gains qualification as Samsung’s first phone ever to join the portrait photo rage with a second camera on the back.

For Samsung, this will set the standard for the Galaxy S9 supposed to break late February. Go to the link below for specifications on the phone;


2. Apple iPhone X

Apple caused trouble this past September with one more phone than expected, the iPhone X. The tenth commemoration iPhone had been so vigorously spilled, it was essentially an inescapable result, yet that didn’t prevent it from propelling into moment contention.

An updated configuration stripped out the mark home button and included Face ID, facial recognition examining that opens the phone and confirmed portable installments. It’s experienced harsh criticism for its new gesture – based interface and for Face ID’s inability to work in certain lighting conditions, versus a fingerprint reader, which works in all lighting situations. Battery life is additionally on the short side.

All things considered, the iPhone X’s photography abilities prevailed upon us, alongside the expansion of equipment aptitudes long observed in Samsung phones: wireless charging and a brilliant, wonderful OLED screen (rather than LCD boards, as on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus).

The iPhone X is a jump forward for Apple, regardless of whether it didn’t splendidly stick the arrival.  Go to the link below for specifications on the phone;


3.  Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 is here to demonstrate that two back cameras aren’t generally superior to one on a phone, particularly in the event that you support photo quality over the most recent all-screen designs.

It’s Google’s unrivaled programming that pushes this Android Oreo phone to snap the most attractive pictures we’ve seen, topping the camera on a year ago’s amazing Pixel and Pixel XL make a big appearance.

Also, the current year’s overhaul is speedier, water-safe and adds another approach to call up the Google Assistant: just press the phone’s sides to dispatch your new AI mate. It sounds like a contrivance, however it’s less demanding than unintentionally hitting another (Bixby) button.  Go to the link below for specifications on the phone;


4. OnePlus 5T

For the last three and a half years, OnePlus has produced superb handsets that promenade numerous superior phone highlights at drastically brought down expenses. Solid evaluations from CNET and others, in addition to adroit fan-based promoting strategies, have helped launch this once obscure into a faction mark.

The OnePlus 5T just as of late supplanted the four-month-old OnePlus 5 – which the organization quit selling – with a bigger screen and more slender bezels. This is the top of the line esteem play. It’s an extraordinary all-arounder, particularly at the cost, however needs filigree like expandable stockpiling and water-resistance.  Go to the link below for specifications on the phone;


5. Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone that ought to be one of the first you take a gander at when choosing which new phone you purchase. The huge, bezel-less show is genuinely iconic and wonderful, and the screen quality is magnificent. The unique finger print scanner being put on the back of the phone is a poor choice from Samsung, and in addition the iris scanner/facial recognition not working anyplace close all around ok to be a genuine consideration. Nonetheless, these aren’t major issues, and the enhanced battery life and changed camera will be among the best you’ll discover on a best end lead. The Galaxy S8 is a costly phone – have no questions about that – however it’s one that we consider to be certainly justified regardless of the venture.  Go to the link below for specifications on the phone;