i phone, Samsung are the world best phones, and these two phone brands are always in compete. So these companies launch phones every year with new features, better developed, and also other things too. Huawei, which has made to the top 5 best phones, is into compete with i phone.

Huawei’s new release Huawei Mate 10 Pro is one of Huawei’s very well-made and very high end phone which globally released and which is to be available in U.S very soon. So Huawei was expecting to U.S wireless carrier to launch to finally secure and to give a good competition with the American phone market.

As other phone companies have partners, AT&T was known as Huawei’s rumored partner, but one day before the Mate 10 Pro’s American debut it was reported that AT&T has ditched their partnership, the last and possible you would wish for.




So as you know there are lot of phone brands in the whole world, and any phone companies goal is to break into the American phone market, where most phone companies fail due to not having strong relationships with wireless carriers. Huawei is also facing the same problem, finding challenging to break into the American phone market as mentioned before. This is also because that Americans buy their phone through carriers.

So in order to get into the American market, Huawei is to have a strong relationship with the carriers. So as we know in order to let your product be a leading product, so Huawei sells their phones through third party retailers in an unlocked form and by bypassing the carriers after the launch in February.

So features of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, it comes with a 6- inch display, 128 GB internal storage, 6GB RAM. It is been also inserted with Huawei’s latest Kirin chips containing 12 core graphics which allows for 3D gaming, and a high speed connectivity. It also has the features you would love to have dual rear cameras, finger print sensor at the back, fast charging a feature you and I would be pleased and also water resistant.