Google, as we all know the giant of the technology has introduced a new open source website to its’ open source projects showcase. This contains Google’s software, the supporting organizations, a list of open source projects and so on. The company has also released its internal documentation on how it does open source. Google has also promised to add more projects to this new website in the near future.

From the following link you can visit this Google’s new website.

While Google uses servers that run on Linux, it has released tons of lines of open source code. The new Open Source website is a Google initiative that combines all open source endeavors of Google.

The complete ‘how to do’ menu for Google’s open source projects can be found in the link (, where you can select a specific category, and there you can find out projects belonging to that particular area, such as cloud, databases, mobile, security, networking, etc.

If you are interested in finding more about this Google’s open source website, listen to this podcast by Will Noris (Engineering Manager at Google’s Open Source office):¬†