20-minute Dumbbell Circuit 

to improve both muscle growth

Before you enter Faster way to fat loss workout we have a warning for you. That’s a little challenging, er. However, the good news is that the reason it’s so hard is also why it’s so effective. Instead of using a sequence of exercises targeting different muscle groups, this workout involves doing pairs of exercises aimed at the same group of muscles.

You start with a pair working your arms, then move on to a pair that works your back and end with a pair of lower-body movements. That may not seem particularly difficult, but doing back-to-back exercises that work the same muscles combined with not having rest periods between those moves will provide a real test to both your lungs and your muscles. But if you grind it out, you’ll see incredible levels of fat loss and size gains.

How to do the workout – Faster way to fat loss

Do the six exercises in order, sticking to the detailed reps, without resting until you complete all the reps of the circuit’s sixth and final move. Rest 2 minutes and then repeat the circuit. Totally do three loops. You can add yet another circuit as you progress.

1. Incline bench press:

How to: Lie with your elbows below your wrists on a bench set at a 30-45 ° incline holding the dumbbells at chest height.
Move the weights overhead directly and pinch your pecs at the top of the movement, then lower back to start.

Reps: Rest 10: 0sec

2. Incline dumbbell flye: Faster way to fat loss

How to: Lie on a bench set at a 30-45 ° incline, holding a dumbbell with your arms straight in each hand above your nose.
Keep a slight bend in your wrists, lower the weights in an arc to the sides, then contract your pecs to raise them up again.

Reps: Rest 10: 0sec

3. Prone row: Faster way to fat loss

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How to: Lie on a bench set at an incline of 30-45 ° with a dumbbell in each hand, allowing it to hang straight down.
Row the dumbbells with your elbows up to your hands.
Squeeze the muscles in your back at the top of the jump.

Reps: Wait 10: 0sec

4. Prone reverse flye:

Image by skimble.com

How toLie on bench set at an incline of 30-45 ° holding dumbbell in each hand, allowing it to hang straight down. 
Without shrugging your shoulders, lift the weights out in an arc to the sides, keep your arms straight. 

Reps: Rest 10: 0sec


5. Dumbbell squat:

How to: Stand upright, holding a dumbbell in each hand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend at the hips and knees to lower simultaneously, until the thighs are parallel to the floor, then straighten.

Reps: Rest 10: 0sec

6. Split squat:

How toStand upright in each hand holding dumbbell with your feet in staggered stance, about meter apart. 
Bend both knees simultaneously until the back of your knee almost touches the floor, then straighten back up. 
Reps: 10 Rest on each side: 2min

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