Looking around your bedroom, kitchen, or from anywhere everything you have is mostly smart products. Now you have smart cookers, smart pans, and smart lamps and smart everything. Smart phones, smart watches and also other smart products we use daily, but there are products that aren’t smart at all, but this is a newly launched product which is called the Voltston Wi-Fi Smart Plug.

You might also been laughing after hearing the name Voltston Wi-Fi Smart Plug, and guessing how can it be ‘smart’? And especially a plug? The world is developing and the technology is developing even more. So this product is one of the products which made the people shock.

So as any plug do, you can insert any electronic device, and you can activate anything plugged into them using any smart house function. You know sometimes one of your family members would off the device plugged in or also sometimes devices turns on and off, so you can control any of them with your handheld devices in order to off it or to on it. You can also track how much electricity is running through each individual plug, managing to save a little on your next power bill from the bigger energy guzzlers.