Easy Healthy lunch ideas for kids

Introducing a variety of foods for kids are crucial because of that window of time and when kids get older it’s hard to accept new flavor. Parents also keep in mind that kids are more tuned in their satiety. Also a child’s appetite will fluctuate at various stages .Healthy lunch helps to decrease the risk of getting diabetes and prevents kids becoming overweight.

Good foods and healthy lunch

The first thing is lunch should be very simple and attractive to kids. It must include carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. You can make a salad to your kid. When considering kids’ choices you can add Vegetables, eggs, chicken and other ingredients and make a portion with full of every nutrients. And also there are various soups that you can make for your kids  And you can make food sticks with Vegetable, meats, fruits. Healthy sandwiches are another meal that you can make for your kids. Drinking milk or fresh juices are essential for their lunch also.Best lunch with kids

Worst lunch meals ever!

Stay away from fast foods like French fries, pizza and burgers etc. They are loaded with salt, sugar and saturated fat. It causes to obesity, high cholesterol and cardiovascular. Don’t give processed meats for your kids’ lunch. It may increase heart diseases and diabetes. Replace this foods from another healthy meals. Milk shakes, potato chips, chicken nuggets, ketchup, unpasteurized milk and packed juice are another worst foods for lunch.

Best lunch with kids

Where do we get this ?? The answer is fruits and vegetables provide all the colors. They are chock for full of antioxidants. It builds kids’ immune system. They also help to protect kids from heart diseases, cancers and strokes.

Give your kids a rainbow at least per week for their lunch.

Give your kids a rainbow at least per week for their lunch.

You want to collect vegetable and fruits that have   rainbow of colors by having the reds, the orange, the yellows, the greens, blues and the violets. Cut them and make a bowl from them. It should be attractive and kids will absolutely love it!!

How to find kid friendly restaurants near me?

We will recommends google map for search kid friendly restaurants and we will suggest some popular kid friendly restaurants. Here you can find the best restaurants 

Bonus Healthy tip!

Don’t cook for kids separate.  One family meal and no short order cooking. If your kid at 12 of months he can eat the same foods that you eat.

Thank you so much and best is yet to come!!!